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Sorry to disappoint you: but this post disproves all resistance imaginable and do web marketing for your business.


This is the reality of today. The imperative for companies is to confront this reality. If consumers, clients, contacts are online, then the company cannot remain offline. But it is only the main reason, the most immediate and logical.

There are many reasons why it pays to each type of company develop its social media marketing. Here are the top 5:

  1. Consumers are already online. Even the company’s business. I’m online and do research before you buy. Seek especially information and opinions of other consumers. The company that wins the match thanks to web marketing knows how to find and can offer content that answer questions of its possible consumers.
  2. The first are the most subsidized. Companies who first come with web marketing on a market are those that multiply their advantage and make it harder to entry to other companies. It is simply the principle of competition applied to communication. To enter a market where there is already a “big player”, you have to be more competitive, starting from the communication. If the big players use Facebook, then you have to use it better and try to add another channel, based on the profile of the main consumer.
  3. Multi-media. The web and social media are collecting all kinds of media: text, photos, video, audio. So the company has much more freedom to choose the type of media that is most suited to your profile.
  4. Always open. If old media were a showcase to show the company, web marketing creates a space always open a virtual store where the consumer enters, looks and reads, asks questions and interact with the company, without barriers and without time limits. An e-commerce works every time because the Italians are discovering the advantages of buying online.
  5. One step at a time. Doing web marketing means start little by little. Before it takes the website because it is essential for companies (did you know that the contents published on Facebook legally belong to Facebook that can make almost anything he wants? Instead the content posted on a site is the site owner) and then with a strategy for doing business you enter on social media, starting with the most important ones, like Facebook and LinkedIn. One step at a time, one hurdle at a time, a goal centered every time.


There’s no going back. The web and social media are the present and future reality for communication and marketing. Stay out means get alone in a ghetto. Upon entering it, we need to build together a strategy tailored to your business.

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