Modern Sticker Printing Methods

Posted by admin on January - 22 - 2014

In the custom sticker printing industry there are five types of techniques used. Screen Printing Flexography Letterpress Offset Digital Screen Printing is a simple form of printing with a screen; originally silk which is still used, is now also done with synthetic material screens. This is a very basic and uncomplicated form of printing which is popular for custom stickers. It can be done by hand and is usually monochromatic,  [ Read More ]


Printing technology is constantly developing to provide cost-effective solutions to suit every business’ printing needs. There are now different kinds of printing systems a business can choose from. Cheap printing is just one of the most popular and sought after printing services there is. You can get your hands on a printing company that truly offers you prints that you can afford. Achieve your printing project at the lowest possible  [ Read More ]

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