Top 10 Free Drupal Themes

Posted by admin on November - 18 - 2012

I remember looking at the selection of Drupal themes late 2007 and thinking; who is actually using these? They all seemed to resemble a developer’s perspective on design. As a result Drupal themes used to be very boring indeed. In doing my research for this article I was truly astounded at the quality of free and premium Drupal themes available. It’s a testament to how Drupal has grown that the  [ Read More ]

Is Drupal 7.0 Better Than Drupal 6.0?

Posted by admin on February - 11 - 2012

Drupal, an open source content management system is one of the most innovative web platforms driving millions of websites and applications. As an open source, Drupal content management system is powered by over half a million people across 200 countries. Its latest version Drupal 7.0 has been creating quite a buzz within the developer community for its slew of improvements over Drupal 6. Drupal caught up as an open-source solution  [ Read More ]

Using Drupal Themes

Posted by admin on January - 17 - 2012

Drupal core consists of Drupal themes and they contribute toward the aesthetic look and feel of the site. The administrator has the option of choosing a theme to suit his purpose via a special menu. You can even change the color schemes of certain themes through a web browser interface. This unique feature of theme customization adds a higher level for a non-coder. Dozens of Drupal 6 themes have already  [ Read More ]

Drupal Development

Posted by admin on November - 11 - 2011

The demand for Drupal development services andĀ Drupal developersĀ are constantly on the rise. The popularity of this as an open source content management system is responsible for this new found Drupal demand. The wide popularity of this is obvious from one of the largest and extremely active community of developers. This open source platform has been chosen by thousands of companies worldwide to create some of the most popular and extensively  [ Read More ]

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