SEO Hosting: what they are, pros and cons

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IP addresses are one of the most important metric when you do link building. Get backlink from a large number of different IP addresses as well as diverse and authoritative domain names, significant impact on a site’s ranking.

Link building activity is usually carried out by means of traditional methods of Search Engine Marketing or article marketing, guest posts, press releases, comments on articles relating on forums and blogs. To apply these methods involve a trade agreement with a third party involved: the operator of the site that will host the backlink.

However there is an alternative way of doing link building, for many less Orthodox. You’ve already figured out. We are talking about the creation of networks of private, so-called backlinks PBN, an acronym for Private Blog Network or Private Backlinks Network.

Google penalizes anyone buy links from third parties in order to improve your rankings, let alone who creates a network of sites having the same purpose. SEO consultants who are engaged in construction of PBN follow manic guidelines to prevent their network from being exposed and penalized by Google. One of the problems to be solved is that linked to the IP address.

Between basic errors of those approaching the world of PBN is to try to simplify what is intentionally complicated, making fatal mistakes. Manage a PBN is costly not only in terms of money but also of time, since leaving a trace could jeopardize the work of months, getting penalties from which it is difficult to get out unscathed.

The problem that affects the cost of a PBN ishosting. It is impossible to buy a VPS or a dedicated server to manage the network: would be identified very easily because all the backlink would head to domains having all one IP address. It is unthinkable, although less exposed, point all domains to the same hosting provider, for the same problem.

But then how can we manage a PBN from a single control center? The answer to this problem are the SEO hosting.


The SEO Hosting are nothing but the VPS or dedicated servers which are associated with several unique IP addresses.These services are offered by companies who are perfectly familiar with this aspect at PBN and in fact offer a wide range ofIP address classes that can be bound to multiple domains.

In addition to classes, you can also choose the geographical membership of the address. Many hosting providers in fact allows the customer to choose between IP addresses European, American, Asian, an intercontinental market addressing.


The first advantage is undoubtedly the convenience of management. Having all sites hosted on the same server allows you to manage definitely easier.

The second advantage is convenience of payment processing. One transaction, one invoice, one deadline. Keep up with the schedule of individual hosting services when dealing with large and/or diverse PBN can be awfully tiring.

The third advantage is the cost. Reduced definitely for PBN medium-high number of satellites, a little less for maybe 3-5 PBN formed by sites.


A traditional shared hosting service costs on average £ 4.00 per month and we should have one for each satellite network.

On the market there are SEO Hosting to € 130/month with a set of 50 unique IP addresses that can be bound.

Assuming you manage one or more PBN for a combined total of 50 satellites, the average monthly expenditure using traditional hosting services would be 4 * 50 = € 200/month.

SEO Hosting service from 130 euros per month, we would save £ 70 per month for a total of € 840 per year.


SEO hosting services are not well seen by Google for obvious reasons. Ever see penalized PBN due to a ban extended to the entire class of IP addresses associated with hosting SEO hosting service provider in question.

So comfortable, Yes, but not sure.


My personal advice to anyone who wants to start working with the PBN is to devote the time they require. The time you save today may backfire tomorrow. I am not referring only to SEO hosting but also in many other measures such as the owner of several domains, templates used on websites, CMS, temporal pacing of publications, external links, etc … or anything that could create a common thread among the various satellites of the network.

Find themselves penalized an entire network and money site on a whim is a mistake that there never forgive. Private networks are expensive so they should be discarded in the beginning when you do not have a sufficient budget to be able to develop and maintain.

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