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Today, change the layout of a Blog is very simple, thanks to the multitude of online resources and reports of free themes ready for use.

But have you ever wondered if your theme chart is effective?

Let us see some tips to create a successful theme for your Blog.

Use a fair amount of colors

The colors are very important to make a dynamic and interesting Blog.

We try to use suitable colors mainly in giving attention to the title and to external or internal links.

A reader when he reads an article in a blog should be sure to find a title and links, indicated by a colour, from a CSS style or anything.

It is advisable to use solid background with dark text, in order to ease the reading of our reader.

Can be discounted but advice is absolutely avoid bright colors on light backgrounds or dull colors on a dark background.

Make life easier for readers

An average reader, during his first visit on the blog scours the main page of your blog looking for useful information.

We try to offer more useful information possible handy link.

As you can see at the beginning of articles and JuliusDesign sidebar featured Guides are present and an expandable menu.

Use the Sidebar and intelligently side columns

We don’t use the sidebar to place unnecessary and senseless elements such as clocks, calendars, pictures of RSS feeds.

We try to offer the reader any other information that we haven’t yet introduced.

The sidebar can be exploited to display the most read articles, latest reviews, featured articles.

Reveal your identity

One of the very important things you enter in your blog who works behind, or author information.

Usually you use the formula “About“-“who I am” on this page we will have the opportunity to write about us, our goals, interests, hobbies, education, then all that information to give the reader and the potential customer a few features on our profile.

This section we must see it as an informal curriculum, including data to be tracked as an email, which is very important to be reckoned with.

Optimize the Footer

The Footer is that area situated at the bottom of our Blog, which on the Homepage maybe can be easily overlooked visually, but you will notice that during the insertion of comments is a very interesting item.

In this area we can put lots of information including if not already done in the sidebar recent comments, featured articles.

Another tip is to make known to your readers more places to find or passions, by using images from Flick.

Having a theme “unique” help?

Definitely have a unique theme, then original graphics and not findable in the blog aera, can help you to remember.

Every day new Blogs and there is a large redundancy similar or same as always of graphic templates.

A bonus may be to have a unique, personal look, this way you will remember from the reader not only for the articles, but also for graphic details like the header, footer, etc.

Manage ads

It is very important not to place ads which hinder or bother him reading our reader.

Sometimes I have seen ads spot size of the same web page, and being able to close only after a click or a certain amount of time, really awful and not to do.

We must learn to use ads in a conscious way, in addition to the size we evaluate the graphics as well.

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