Archive for January, 2013

The Basics of SEO?

Posted by admin on January - 16 - 2013

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.”  In a nutshell, the process is a method of conforming digital content, whether it be news articles, website content or even HTML and associated coding, to the criteria by which search engines rank their results.  In other words, websites want to harness the power of Google and other search engines to provide users content by understanding how it chooses to rank search results. When  [ Read More ]

Why SEO can be Difficult for Small Business?

Posted by admin on January - 8 - 2013

Small business owners face too many difficulties when attracting customers to their websites. This mainly happens because of the difficulties they face when doing search engine optimization. Some people might be wondering, ‘how do large companies do SEO effortlessly and why do small businesses struggle working on their SEO?’ Here, we are going to discuss the difficulties that small businesses face when performing SEO activities.  Understanding those difficulties will help  [ Read More ]

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