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Definition of Web Services

Posted by admin on November - 24 - 2012

Web Services are defined as reusable web based applications that can be accessed through different hardware platforms and operating systems. XML and HTTP is the basic platform of web services. It is a standardized way of integrating web applications using web service standards and protocols for accessing and developing web services such as XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI. XML is used to format the data retrieved by the protocol, SOAP  [ Read More ]

Top 10 Free Drupal Themes

Posted by admin on November - 18 - 2012

I remember looking at the selection of Drupal themes late 2007 and thinking; who is actually using these? They all seemed to resemble a developer’s perspective on design. As a result Drupal themes used to be very boring indeed. In doing my research for this article I was truly astounded at the quality of free and premium Drupal themes available. It’s a testament to how Drupal has grown that the  [ Read More ]

Web Hosting: Which Is The Host With The Most?

Posted by admin on November - 12 - 2012

So you want to publish a web site do you? Welcome to the club. These days it seems that almost everyone has a web site of some kind, and thousands more continue to be launched every day. It’s challenging enough to design a site and fill it with interesting content, but when all is said and done another challenge still remains – where to host it? A popular choice for  [ Read More ]

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